Abdul R. Wahid

machine storyteller and screen painter

rumored as a software developer and half-designer who love art and literature


Speak PHP and JS fluently, member of framework development.


A simple typography or vector based design, mostly for branding.


I love music though i can't play instrument, I love photography especially nature, I love movies and i always wanted to create my own.


Literatures can make us imagine more high than visual masterpiece, also since childhood i love to make my own fairy tale.

About Me

Also knowed as hidaru or Wahid Dul Rohman.
A human who live in Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta.
I also Find, Learn, Know, Understand, Do, Can, Share, then
Invite other for what i love.

"Wani Kalah, Yakin Menang !"
(Daring to lose, sure for win)

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